Professional Web Photography

Professional Web Photography

Professional Web Photography

The human brain processes imagery 60,000 times faster than text and habitually scans a website
visually, before absorbing much in the way of copy. The digital world demands high-quality
imagery that aligns with a brand’s identity. Low quality and poor photography can have a
considerably negative effect on the user experience which may ultimately result in low
engagement and low conversion rates.

There are many ways in which photography can be used to create a cohesive and engaging
experience on your website from studio shoots to on-location, from mannequin portraits to live
models. New trends and technologies are emerging constantly and offer unique ways to capture
your audience and convert them into customers. Drone footage, for instance, is an excellent way
to showcase larger-scale projects, as is 360 imagery which adds a whole new dimension to your

Creativity plays an important role when producing imagery that resonates with your audience, a
professional photographer will be able to assist in designing and creating visual assets that not
only align with your brand but also make your brand stand out.

It’s also important to remember that it’s not as straightforward as uploading high-quality images to
your website, with large image files comes long load times. From an SEO perspective, this can
harm your search rankings and cause your site to get lost in the plethora of millions of others. A
professional web photographer will be able to advise and help optimise your images for web use
to ensure that your photography remains high-quality without affecting your website’s

We’ve possibly all found a website that offers exactly what we want but the presentation is
enough to make us doubt the brand’s trust ability. Slow loading, pixelated and poor quality
imagery can sometimes be a deal-breaker. Especially with so many other choices available, we’re
highly likely, as consumers, to click straight to another website that has similar offerings but a
much better user experience.

Whether you’re designing your website from the ground up or simply revamping an existing site,
layout and visual identity plays a huge part in how your audiences will perceive your brand. A
professional web photographer will consider how your website will/should appear and advise on
the most advantageous methods of capturing your desired imagery.

Sure, most of us have access to pretty decent cameras on our smartphones, but, most of them
cannot capture fine details, adjust the depth of field, alter aperture and all that good stuff that a
professional DSLR for example, would be able to. An image may look reasonably high quality but
when it comes to web photography and presenting imagery to potential clients, there are many
methods, techniques and technologies that a smartphone camera simply cannot provide to create
truly outstanding and captivating photography for commercial use.

In a typical conclusion style, web photography is an essential part of how potential customers
perceive and interact with your brand. Having high-quality imagery that performs well and makes
your brand stand out is integral to building a strong online presence.