Social Media

Social Media

5 Reasons Why Your Brand
Should Use Social Media

KPE Creative – June 22 Newsletter – 02

Social media saw over 4.2 billion users in 2021 and it continues to grow at an exponential rate. If
your business isn’t utilising social, then to be blunt, you’re missing out on what can be an
extremely cost-effective aspect of your marketing strategy.
There are various ways in which businesses can take advantage of social media to increase brand
awareness, make their brand more personable, generate leads and increase sales. As a platform,
it makes connecting with your audiences easier than ever.

1. Brand Awareness

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn give us access to over half of the
world’s pupation. Take a moment to think about that for a second, billions of potential users are
quite literally at your fingertips. It’s becoming more apparent that users don’t use social media
solely to interact with brands they’re familiar with, 83% of Instagram users, for example, report
that they find new products, services and brands on the platform.

2. Trust & Authority

It’s almost ironic isn’t it, that trust is traditionally formed through relationships, yet, social media,
has become almost a pre-requisite for brands to appear trustworthy and authentic. Having an
active presence on various social media platforms can increase your brand authority and
trustability with audiences both new and existing.

If you’re brave enough to shout your message loud and proud through social media’s
metaphorical megaphone, you must know what you’re talking about, right? Or at minimum, have
confidence in your product and/or service.

Social media also provides a line of communication for your customers to access whenever, and
wherever. Companies that take advantage of this are able to increase retention rates, nurture
relationships with their clients and build their audiences. If your brand is visible and accessible on
social media, it can increase the sense of trust a user may have towards you.

3. People buy from people

Social platforms can humanise your brand, as our digital world continues to evolve we can
sometimes lose that sense of human centricity. It’s becoming more important to develop
relationships and make your brand personable, the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are
essential digital tools to strengthen the connection between business and user.

4. Stay Relevant

Regular updates and content published to your chosen social platforms will help you stay
relevant. Followers, subscribers, users or whichever name they’re given on the various platforms,
enjoy content that is regular, valuable and consistent.

The digital world is fast-changing, it’s easy for a potential audience to forget about your brand if
you’re not utilising social effectively. Post regularly, post valuable content that resonates with your
niche and be consistent. If appropriate to your identity, throw in a joke here and there too, humour
never hurts, in fact, it has been shown to greatly increase your chances of being remembered.

5. Promote your brand

You may have heard the terms organic and sponsored content before, organic refers to content
that is published without paying a particular platform to increase where and to whom it is
displayed. Sponsored content (or paid ad) is content that you pay to promote and display to wider
audiences other than just your current following, friends and family.

The quickest and easiest way to get your message out there is to run a social ad campaign on the
likes of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. By targeting specific audiences and locations you can
ensure that your content finds your ideal customer. It can be a very cost-effective method to
increase leads and ultimately, conversions.
Organic content has its place too, although it can sometimes be restrictive to promote your brand
solely this way, organic content can still be effective. Social platforms are ever-evolving and
changing their algorithms which define, essentially, what content is shown and to whom. Valuable
content that’s shareable, relatable and engaging can generate impressive levels of reach and

The takeaway

The benefits of social media for businesses are not limited to those listed below, there are a
plethora of other reasons to be on social from finding inspiration, managing your reputation,
learning about your audiences and much more.

Not every platform is right for every brand, research your audience and once you know where
they are, connect with them. Don’t spread yourself too thin, it can be tempting to join every
platform you can find but this may have an adverse effect on the quality of your content and
communication with your audience. Unless you have an impressively sized marketing team at
your disposal, choose 2-3 platforms and focus your efforts on utilising them effectively. Not
everyone needs a TikTok account or a Twitter account…each platform attracts a different
audience and it’s important to know where yours is.